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5115 NE Cully Blvd, Portland,OR 97218

Office: 503-287-6053

Mobile: 503-351-3067


Note: We Do Not Service: Riding lawnmowers, Industrial Roto Tillers, Chainsaws, or 2 cycle engines


It's That Time Again..

It is a bright sunny day, you look outside, and your lawn looks like a forest.  Well the sun is out, and you decide to go get the lawnmower, and mow the lawn.  Sounds pretty easy,  but all during the days that were not so nice, the lawnmower was sitting out in the garage, or outside in the elements.   Not to worry, because you clean it up a bit, and it looks just like new again.

So you put gas in it, give it a quick yank on the pull rope, and...  it doesn't start.   You keep on trying, pulling and pulling on the rope, and still nothing. 

You put gas in it..  you cleaned it up..  and you worked up a sweat, and basically ruined your plans of mowing your lawn easily and without any problems.   Why?

Well here is your answer.   Lawnmower engines, just like any other engine..  need maintenance periodically.  When an engine sits idle, for a month or more, certain things can happen that could keep the engine from functioning to it's full potential.

Moisture is the big problem.  Moisture is throughout the air, even if the lawnmower is inside a garage or shed, this moisture can corrode electrical contacts, and cause water deposits in gasoline, and in the carburetor.   This can cause normal operation to fail.

Dust and Grit are problems too.   They can find their way into the carburetor through the air filter, or gas, and clog things up inside the carburetor.  

This requires the disassembly of the carburetor, and for it to be cleaned thoroughly, in all cases, it requires the replacement of gaskets, and some other parts vital to regulating the flow of gasoline through the carburetor in a balanced air and fuel mixture.

Another problem, is when a lawnmower sits for a very long time, with the same fuel in it.  What happens, is the fuel, being a petroleum product, will break down.  The thinner materials, will separate from the thicker ones, causing the fuel to thicken as the thinner materials evaporate, leaving the petroleum behind.  This thicker substance, along with losing it's combustable properties, will clog up the tiny fuel jets inside of the carburetor.

Okay, so you know what some of the problems are caused from now.  But what can you do? 

Most people try to take care of the problems by themselves, and only make things worse, by getting things out of adjustment, or actually injuring themselves by trying to repair things with the wrong tools or by not acknowledging proper safety precautions.

It is very important to leave all repairs to a qualified service specialist, with the knowledge, experience, and the correct tools required for the repair job.

We have 57 years in the field of lawn and garden equipment repair and service.  It is a family owned repair business, and a friendly atmosphere as well. 

No high pressure sales or pitches, just good service which is guaranteed.   

Suggestions are made on what type of repair is recommended, but ultimately it is your decision on what is to be done.   And there will be an estimate of repairs before you make the decision to go ahead with it, or not.

No hidden repairs will be done unless they are approved first.


Family Business..

Fifty eight years ago, my Father opened up A-1 Lawnmower Shop in Portland Oregon, when I was two years old, and I pretty much grew up with lawnmowers, and the repair work going on around me, throughout my life.   Always watching my Dad repairing things, I naturally developed an interest in repairing things as well.

I also went in a  different direction.  My interests were in electronics mostly, so I learned by trial and error how to fix many different electronic items.   I still maintained my interest in mechanical repair however.

Through the years, I helped my Father with the repairs, and eventually inherited the business. 

So, I'm keeping things going now.


My Father, C.L Finney, passed away in October of 2016.   I will miss him tremendously, My intentions are to carry on with the same quality service that I learned from him, first hand.   


I'll never forget you Dad

Love always


The Repair Work That We Do...

We Service The Following Equipment:

Walk Behind Lawnmowers, Non Motorized Push Mowers, Generators, And Certain Edger Types.  

We Do Not Service: Riding lawnmowers, Industrial Roto Tillers, Chainsaws, or 2 cycle engines.


Our repair work, ranges from sharpening lawnmower blades, to tune-ups, and engine maintenance and restoration.


We sharpen straight blades and mulching blades for rotory lawnmowers, or multiple blade reel type lawnmowers, and handmowers or pushmowers.  We also sharpen garden shears, clippers, edger blades, and chainsaws.


New spark plug, air filter cleaning, or replacement, and carburetor adjustment. 

Carburetor Cleaning:

Cleaning of air and fuel intake flow. Componants are cleaned, and built up residue, and deposits are removed.


Some of our other repair services:

Flywheel Key Replacement:

A Flywheel Key that has sheared or is damaged, will cause the spark to fire at the wrong time, or not at  all.

Points & Condenser, Or Electronic ignition module Replacement:

Responsible for creating the spark to the spark plug causing ignition of the fuel.  If any of these componants are damaged, there will be a weak spark, or no spark at all, causing ignition failure, thus preventing the engine from starting. 

Cord Winder Repair:

Made up of a nylon cord, pull handle, and return spring, this is the primary means of starting your lawnmower.     If the cord, or the return spring breaks, the engine can not be started.

Throttle Cable Replacement:

Throttle cables can get damaged through repetitive use.  They can freeze up, they can get bent and not move freely, they can break as well.   Any of these potential problems can prevent proper speed or idle adjustment of the engine, and can make it very difficult to start the engine, and keep it running for that matter.

Periodic maintenance is vital.   Even if you just bring your lawnmower in for a sharpen only, it is a good idea to have it checked out completely to make sure everything is in satisfactory condition for the next time you plan to use it.

A maintenance check is free, so why not have piece of mind in knowing, before taking your lawnmower home.

If something is found to need repair, or replacement, a checklist of the problem areas, will be provided.   You then have the option of deciding if you would like to proceed with the additional repairs, or not.                         

Also provided, is info of what is vital, and what can wait, if you do not wish to have everything repaired at one time.   

It is entirely up to you.


Contact Info:

A-1 Lawnmower Shop

We Accept Cash, Checks, Or CashApp For Payment

5115 NE Cully Blvd, Portland,OR 97218

Office:  503-287-6053

Mobile:  503-351-3067


All Repair Drop Offs, And Pick-Ups

Are scheduled by appointment only, throughout the year.

Please call, to arrange your visit.


Current Operating Hours:

Tuesday Thru Friday

12pm To 6pm